[Homeroast] Transition advice

John Nordling john.nordling at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 12:45:54 CST 2015

 I've nearly completed my planning to take the plunge and put together a
drum roaster. Thanks to the generosity of this list, I'm the proud owner of
a 5 lb RK drum, and have started pulling together the last few pieces to
put it into service.

What advice can you guys offer for transitioning from a whirly pop to a
drum roaster of significant capacity?  I know a batch will take about twice
as long, but do you have any tips that will make my learning curve a bit
shallower? (I'm going to get a good pair of welding gloves, so hopefully I
won't burn myself wrestling with a 400 degree drum full of coffee).

Also, anyone have a good lead on some cheap beans?  I want to do a couple
batches that I don't care about as my first tries. Something I can use to
get a feel for the grill, and how this is going to go, before I do
something I regret to beans I like?

Drinking a city roasted Ethiopian right now. Couldn't be much happier with
how it turned out.



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