[Homeroast] Keep your Gene clean!

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Thu Feb 12 13:23:44 CST 2015

Over the last several months my Gene Cafe has been slowly getting 
slower and slower getting to the desired temperature.
I worried that the heating element was failing but finally I decided 
that I may as well try breaking it down for a detailed internal cleaning.
I watched a couple of videos to see where everything was and opened it up.

Now I've had my Gene Cafe since they came out - around 2008 - so I 
expected a fair amount of crud.  It was both more and less than I 
expected.  Not so much that I could identify but a lot of what looked 
a lot like snow.
In any case, got it all cleaned out and back together and did a roast.
At first I thought I'd solved the problem - it seemed to climb faster 
than it had, but then it stalled out and wound up taking just as long 
as before the cleaning.

But while I was emptying the chaff collector I got to thinking that I 
couldn't remember the last time I'd cleaned *that* out.

So I took it inside and took it apart.

When I took off the inner screen I was aghast at how packed that 
space was - no wonder I wasn't getting sufficient air flow!  I'm 
surprised *any* air was making it out.

This week's roast was the test and YES - right back to my original program.

So the take away is, if your Gene is seeming sluggish give it a good cleaning.

And if you can't remember when you last did a detailed cleaning of 
your chaff collector - clean that first!


KCSteve :-> 

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