[Homeroast] Empty Nester Part II

Carol Lugg heislord at elpasotel.net
Sun Aug 23 08:36:29 CDT 2015

I have played around with a few things, and here are my final decisions.
I am currently using my Hottop to roast a half batch, and with a
learning curve, it is working out just fine. I have also made a decision
in regards to my grinder. I have a Rancilio Rocky. I decided to try a
different grinder, one that works better for me. I think the Rocky works
best for those that do a lot of espresso, and I don't do espresso at
all. Great machine, just not for me. I have also decided that in regards
to my FreshRoast, I will keep it, as a back up, just in cast my Hottop
is down for some reason.

Thanks to all who responded, and I thought maybe you'd like to know what
my final decision was.

Thanks again,
in Colorado

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