[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Five new coffees including Liquid Amber

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Wed Aug 19 21:15:12 CDT 2015

Hello Everybody,
We just added five new coffees to the list...including that Liquid Amber
blend a lot of folks have been waiting for. Enjoy!

*Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend* <https://goo.gl/l9QkVU> - A
potent, pungent blend for espresso beverages. It's ideal for milk drinks,
as this intense bittersweet cuts through the steamed milk. Rustic
sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste. Monsooned coffee and a
small percentage of Robusta add crema and body. Vienna roast.

*Ethiopia Agaro -Nano Challa Cooperative* <https://goo.gl/TQQzti> - has
beautiful cup characteristics, white honey sweetness, mild fruit and floral
notes at City to City+, with ginger snap cookie in the finish. An extremely
clean cup-profile, and lighter mouthfeel suits the slight effervescence.
Good for espresso.

*Colombia Huila -Caficultor Perfil* <https://goo.gl/QaNmr9> - a nice blend
of unrefined sugar and honeyed sweetness, along with dashes of raisin and
dried cherry. An illuminating tartaric acidity highlights the cup, and
middle roasts develop lasting chocolate bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

*Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi AA* <https://goo.gl/qNcH0T> -fruited and clean,
with a nice pointed finish. Stone fruit and citrus juice flavors come
through, with a refined cane-sugar sweetness. A nice bittering aspect comes
through in the finish (like pulpy orange juice or peach skin) with an Earl
Grey tea note.

*Guatemala Antigua Buena Vista Farm* <https://goo.gl/q0i7Ja> - incredible
balance between candy-like sweetness, and bittering cocoa tones. Notes of
vanilla, praline, apple, and almond are propped up by structured malic
acidity. Good for espresso.

*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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