[Homeroast] Need Help - Almost an Empty Nester

Jorel webmaster at j3r.org
Fri Aug 7 18:47:03 CDT 2015

On 15-08-01 10:41 AM, Carol Lugg wrote:
> I know this post has taken a lot of twists and turns might be a bit
> confusing, but I love roasting my beans, and I just don't get to do much
> of it any more, since I can't drink that much coffee that quickly.
> Thanks for your help!,
> Carol Lugg
> (Sunny and hot Colorado)

Send bags to your son via mail (this is about the best surprise you can 
get in your mailbox). For home: stage an "accident" wherein the Keurig 
is rendered non-functional. Alternately, appeal to the environmentalist 
in him and show him how the Keurig is terrible for waste, and it 
produces crappy coffee. He can still use the devil's machine, but with a 
reusable filter and your fine home roast. Honestly, what kid would turn 
his nose up at home roast from his own mother? It is almost a slap in 
the face.

I bet someone in your neighbourhood would love to barter a good or 
service for your coffee. Free eggs? Handywork? Lawn mowing?


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