[Homeroast] Need Help - Almost an Empty Nester

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Fri Aug 7 05:33:49 CDT 2015

Having used many different roasters over the years, I totally agree with mike. New Hottops are $1100 now, and I, also the only coffee drinker in my home, have been using and loving the Hottop since they first came out.

You can roast less than 1/2# of coffee with the Hottop.

Best of luck in your decision,

From: Michael Koenig <koenig.mike at gmail.com> 
Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Need Help - Almost an Empty Nester 
I manage to use 1-2 hottop batches per week for just myself (espresso at home 
and Aeropress at work). Even if you only roasted once every other week, I would 
certainly keep the hottop vs. downgrading to a popper or freshroast. (I'm not 
putting down those units, just you have a lot more control with a hottop). 

> From: Carol Lugg <heislord at elpasotel.net>
> To: homeroast at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com
> Subject: [Homeroast] Need Help - Almost an Empty Nester
> Good morning! I have what I suspect is not a unique problem, and I would
> like to ask you for your help. For several years now I have used a
> Hottop to roast my coffee and the Rancilio grinder. I have kept them in
> pretty much mint condition. My problem is that we recently purchased a
> Keurig, and while our youngest son likes my home roasted, French Press
> made coffee, he seems to have taken to the Keurig, and uses it pretty
> much exclusively now, because it's faster. I love roasting my coffee,
> but if no one else is going to drink it besides me, a lot of it goes to
> waste. My husband doesn't drink coffee, and our oldest son is married
> and lives 2 hours away now. He loves my coffee, but as you can see,
> that's not option either.
> What I would like to know, is what are my options? I don't know that I
> am ready to sell my equipment, but it is taking a lot of space on our
> counters, and it's kind of sentimental to me, because my husband, who
> doesn't even drink coffee, bought all of this for me.
> I also have an old FreshRoast that I bought several years ago, when I
> first got into this, to see if I would really want to continue doing this.
> Any ideas? I'm a little lost right now. I miss my coffee drinking buddy,
> but I also understand the ease of the Keurig for a young man. Are there
> any roasters that wouldn't cost boatload of money and would fit my
> needs? I have been thinking about getting a different grinder too,
> mostly because I would like one that does a better job at getting the
> grind right where I want it. Any ideas in this department would be
> helpful too.
> I know this post has taken a lot of twists and turns might be a bit
> confusing, but I love roasting my beans, and I just don't get to do much
> of it any more, since I can't drink that much coffee that quickly.
> Thanks for your help!,
> Carol Lugg
> (Sunny and hot Colorado)

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