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Personally, I roast about 225 grams of green beans at a time in my Gene
Café, and I use the Clever Coffee Dripper with about 22grams of ground
roasted coffee each morning to make a mug of coffee (pour-over with paper
filter).  Most days I make a 2nd mug.  It is just me - no one else (my wife
doesn't drink coffee).

I need to roast about once per week about once/week or so -- and this
cadence of roasting works pretty well.  

You could also switch to using a popcorn popper.  This roast method is quite
fast & uses about a level cup of greens.   A

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Good morning! I have what I suspect is not a unique problem, and I would
like to ask you for your help. For several years now I have used a Hottop to
roast my coffee and the Rancilio grinder. I have kept them in pretty much
mint condition. My problem is that we recently purchased a Keurig, and while
our youngest son likes my home roasted, French Press made coffee, he seems
to have taken to the Keurig, and uses it pretty much exclusively now,
because it's faster. I love roasting my coffee, but if no one else is going
to drink it besides me, a lot of it goes to waste. My husband doesn't drink
coffee, and our oldest son is married and lives 2 hours away now. He loves
my coffee, but as you can see, that's not option either.

What I would like to know, is what are my options? I don't know that I am
ready to sell my equipment, but it is taking a lot of space on our counters,
and it's kind of sentimental to me, because my husband, who doesn't even
drink coffee, bought all of this for me.

I also have an old FreshRoast that I bought several years ago, when I first
got into this, to see if I would really want to continue doing this.

Any ideas? I'm a little lost right now. I miss my coffee drinking buddy, but
I also understand the ease of the Keurig for a young man. Are there any
roasters that wouldn't cost boatload of money and would fit my needs? I have
been thinking about getting a different grinder too, mostly because I would
like one that does a better job at getting the grind right where I want it.
Any ideas in this department would be helpful too.

I know this post has taken a lot of twists and turns might be a bit
confusing, but I love roasting my beans, and I just don't get to do much of
it any more, since I can't drink that much coffee that quickly.

Thanks for your help!,
Carol Lugg
(Sunny and hot Colorado)
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