[Homeroast] Question on roast times

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 08:30:26 CDT 2015

Great replies everyone, thanks.

Ira - what do you mean by this sentence?

I was quite surprised at how little my Behmor would roast with
what are considered reasonable profiles by the 3rd wave

Are you saying that you're surprised that the Behmor could only roast small
amounts with those profiles (e.g., the 250 grams)?

 I think that mirrors my experience, too.  That is, that at 8oz, I seem to
follow the "15 minute rule".  Usually, I just get lazy, and throw more than
that in.  Maybe I'll be more meticuluous going forward again.  I've been
doing this for about 5 years with my current Behmor so no major complaints,
just like to learn improved techniques.



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