[Homeroast] Mazzer Super Jolly Burrs

Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 23:34:41 CDT 2014

So I just got done replacing the burrs on my Mazzer Super Jolly.  I was
surprised when looking around that there are really very few places from
which to obtain these burrs.  Why is that?  Is it because of their long
life so there just isn't a lot of demand?

A second question...  why do these burrs last so much longer than the ones
on my Rocky?  I've been told here on the list that the Rocky burrs are good
for about 100 lbs.  The SJ burrs are rated at close to 900 lbs.  I know the
SJ burrs are larger and I suspect they grind at a lower speed which helps,
but do those two things account for an 8.5x difference?  It doesn't seem
like the materials/quality and cut of the burrs are that different.

Thanks everyone!

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