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Jon Rosen jon at jonro.com
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Why not add an audio jack to plug in an external speaker for an audio alert. Since the Behmor itself wouldn't produce the alert, it would probably be approved, especially if it had more than one purpose, such as an amplified sound of the first and second cracks. I think that would be a great feature on its own.


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> I mean this in all seriousness.  Given that it could not have audio 
> (disapproved and/or 3x the price increase) what would you suggest 
> that would have been 'more obvious'? 
> Well John, I am going to try an anti-glare film over the display to solve my visibility issue. A blinking LED on the top or face of the unit would also be more obvious and eliminate the need to set a timer, but I hope the film will make the display more visible in a bright environment. If that doesn't work, I will fabricate some sort of bezel to shield the sunlight from the display. I probably shouldn't need to do this but I will for my convenience and hopefully my ideas will encourage others to constructively add to the conversation.
> Terry
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