[Homeroast] spam prevention

sallsup sallsup at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 12:29:26 CDT 2014

Hi John,

The first time I set up my filters, I had that same issue because I didn't
realize Gmail will go ahead and apply its spam checking even to filtered
and labeled mail.  There is an override option in the filter that I
missed:   "Never send this message to spam".  That's my first suggestion of

GMail's spamchecker is super-sensitive to Yahoo addresses that are
forwarded by mailing lists and tends to flag them as spam, particularly if
they contain a URL or language that sounds like advertising.  Of course,
half the time we're writing about some bean in glowing terms when we're
discussing our latest acquisitions or roasts. That triggers Gmail's "this
says from-yahoo, but didn't come to me from yahoo, AND it has ad-sounding
praise of a product - SPAM!!!!" flags.

If you've got that override option checked, then the messages going to spam
must be missing the [Homeroast] filter entirely.  Try confirming your
filter is "contains [Homeroast]" instead of "starts with [Homeroast]",
because responses often have subjects "RE: [Homeroast]".  Also, consider
changing your filter so that it looks for "To" field  "Homeroast Coffee <
homeroast at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com>".


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