[Homeroast] Behmor Err7 - what does it signify?

Michael Baladi mike at baladi.ws
Mon Sep 22 13:26:07 CDT 2014

You just hit the start button. It's pretty simply, you just need to note how long into the roast the panel starts to blink and then hit the button. If you aren't paying at least that much attention to it....... probably shouldn't be roasting!
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On 14-09-22 01:13 PM, John Nanci wrote:
> It means you (I assume) walked away from the roaster and didn't hit
> the button (don't recall which) to tell the system to continue at the
> 75% mark.  So as a safety feature, it put the beans into cool and gave
> you an err7.  Basically, the new panel has a dead man switch.
> From the Manual (google is your friend)
> http://www.behmor.com/docs/New-Program-Docs-Behmor-1600-Plus-V3.pdf
> 2)  Auto Safe/ Unattended Switch – at 75% into set time of a roast the
> timer will start blinking un:30..29, 28 etc.. The
> user has 30 seconds to press START otherwise it will automatically go
> into cool flashing err7.
> John

...and this cannot be disabled? Safety is fine, but this is going to be
a pain in the butt!


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