[Homeroast] Behmor Err7 - what does it signify?

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Mon Sep 22 12:13:53 CDT 2014

It means you (I assume) walked away from the 
roaster and didn't hit the button (don't recall 
which) to tell the system to continue at the 75% 
mark.  So as a safety feature, it put the beans 
into cool and gave you an err7.  Basically, the 
new panel has a dead man switch.

 From the Manual (google is your friend)


2)  Auto Safe/ Unattended Switch – at 75% into 
set time of a roast the timer will start blinking un:30..29, 28 etc.. The
user has 30 seconds to press START otherwise it 
will automatically go into cool flashing err7.


At 06:53 AM 9/20/2014, you wrote:
>I can only find Err1 through Err6 info on the 
>Behmor site.  Is an Err7 the equivalent of an 
>Err1+Err7 condition (ie, critical), or is it something new and unusual?
>Ebay purchase with the control panel upgrade.
>There were some chaff crumbs in the tray on 
>unboxing but the unit overall was clean and 
>"passed" when I pressed all the buttons on the 
>control panel.  I ran a dry burn on 1/4 P1 per 
>the manual.  At the end of the heating/roasting 
>cycle the unit threw an Err7, cleared by 
>pressing START, at which time the unit dropped 
>into cooling and shut down as expected.
>I then cleaned with a soft rag and some Orange 
>Glo (sprayed the rag, wiped out the roast 
>chamber) and directed a table fan into the roaster.
>After an hour I ran a 1/4 P1 roast using cheap 
>greens (trash before, trash after) and again saw 
>the Err7 at the end of the heating cycle.
>During both cleaning burns and the roast I ran 
>my stopwatch against the timer on the display 
>and it was spot-on so I don't think the timer is the problem.
>I have not had the right-side panel off to see 
>if the thing is full of chaff and spider eggs, 
>should that be my next troubleshooting step?  [I 
>do root cause failure analysis for a high tech 
>product of which you may have heard.  I can 
>follow directions and I have tools available to 
>include a multimeter and a soldering gun.]
>I have submitted the tech support form to Behmor 
>but as it's a weekend I figured I'd check here 
>to see if anyone has info that can help me figure this out before Monday.
>Halp please, and thanks.
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