[Homeroast] Behmor Err7 - what does it signify?

slinkster aphroditeatlas at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 08:53:07 CDT 2014

I can only find Err1 through Err6 info on the Behmor site.  Is an Err7 
the equivalent of an Err1+Err7 condition (ie, critical), or is it 
something new and unusual?

Ebay purchase with the control panel upgrade.

There were some chaff crumbs in the tray on unboxing but the unit 
overall was clean and "passed" when I pressed all the buttons on the 
control panel.  I ran a dry burn on 1/4 P1 per the manual.  At the end 
of the heating/roasting cycle the unit threw an Err7, cleared by 
pressing START, at which time the unit dropped into cooling and shut 
down as expected.

I then cleaned with a soft rag and some Orange Glo (sprayed the rag, 
wiped out the roast chamber) and directed a table fan into the roaster.

After an hour I ran a 1/4 P1 roast using cheap greens (trash before, 
trash after) and again saw the Err7 at the end of the heating cycle.

During both cleaning burns and the roast I ran my stopwatch against the 
timer on the display and it was spot-on so I don't think the timer is 
the problem.

I have not had the right-side panel off to see if the thing is full of 
chaff and spider eggs, should that be my next troubleshooting step?  [I 
do root cause failure analysis for a high tech product of which you may 
have heard.  I can follow directions and I have tools available to 
include a multimeter and a soldering gun.]

I have submitted the tech support form to Behmor but as it's a weekend I 
figured I'd check here to see if anyone has info that can help me figure 
this out before Monday.

Halp please, and thanks.

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