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Terry Steig gtsteig at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 15:20:21 CDT 2014

Oh, I know that there can be daily changes in the optimal precise grind after my Hottop roasting. It's a variable I expect and enjoy anticipating - both the adjustment and the changes in taste. day by day.

Good luck,
Terry in Seattle

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> On Sep 15, 2014, at 1:12 PM, Starfinder Stanley <coffee at starf.org> wrote:
> Really?  In that you can't pull a good shot out of them or in that you have
> to adjust the grind to get a good shot out of them?  I have a hard time
> convincing myself that beans aging for a few days/week would change enough
> to require adjusting the grinder.  My friend Pete did say that he notices
> the drift as the beans "age," but I wouldn't consider <10 days from
> roasting to be significantly old  ---I dump a hottop's worth in my compak
> and really don't notice any change in grind/tamp/crema variables over the
> 4-6 days after roasting that it takes to use up the batch.  Some flavor
> evolution in the first couple days from offgassing, sure, but the shots
> grind and pull consistently.  Pete doesn't roast, but buys beans fresh from
> a local roaster.  I'll ask him how long it takes to get through a batch.
> Now, when I switched from my usual PNG sigri to a Brazilian the other day,
> the same grind and a moderately light tamp totally choked the first shot....
>> On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 12:51 PM, Paul <middle.aged.kid at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Recently I've been doing experiments with freshness after roasting.
>> Proper storage makes a huge difference for me in pulling quality shots.
>> Beans that have been left to open air for 24 hours react in my espresso
>> machine like beans that are 1 month old or older.  When your beans and
>> grind are the same, just something to consider, 'How is the storage?' 'How
>> old are the beans?'
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