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Greetings --

I have been roasting with a Fresh Roast 500 for about two years.  This is
what works for me.

Green beans -- 115 grams.  This weight fits the Fresh Roast well, and
breaks one pound packages into four equal sized batches.
Weight after roasting -- almost always 98 to 102 grams.

I roast in the garage to avoid smoke and chaff in the house.
We are in Oregon, so the weather is not too extreme.  In the summer, I
roast in the morning before the temperature rises too much.  In the winter,
later in the day so the garage is a little warmer.  If the temperature is
too low, I put the roaster in a large cardboard box and partially cover the
top so the intake air is pre-warmed.

My procedure, timings, and setting are:
Timer set to 9.0 minutes.  Fan high.  Heat Low.  Start.
At 7.0 minutes, heat to medium, fan to about 5/8.  The lowest fan speed
that keeps the beans moving.  Heat remains at medium for the remainder of
the roast.
At 5.0 minutes, fan to 1/2 (straight up).
Depending on the beans, crack begins around 4.0 minutes, plus or minus a
minute.  Seldom before the 5.0 minute mark.
I watch carefully, and listen closely.  As the crack slows or stops, and
the beans approach the color I want, usually about 3.0 minutes, I take the
top off chaff collector of the roaster, (chaff flies around a bit), and I
point an infrared instant read thermometer down into the bean chamber.  I
want 435 degrees.  If it is there or higher, I stop the roast.  If cooler,
I put the top back on and measure every 0.5 minutes from then on.
To stop the roast, I turn the heat to Cool and fan to high.  At the end of
the cool cycle, I dump the beans onto a metal baking sheet.

I rub the beans to remove excess chaff, winnow them between two large
screen strainers, inspect, and remove bad beans.

I typically roast two to three 115 gram batches in the same session, with
no special treatment between other than brushing out the chaff collector.

Stopping at 435 gives me a ground color around Agtron 45, comparing it to
the plates inside the front cover of Kenneth Davids, "Home Coffee Roasting."

I use a one liter french press pot, charge it with 50 grams of ground
beans, ground slightly finer than "coarse" on a Mr Coffee burr mill.
Filtered water is boiled, then rested or cooled with room temperature water
to about 205 degrees.  The grounds are wet to about one-quarter of the pot
to bloom, wait 60 seconds, stir, fill the pot, wait 3 more minutes, press
the plunger.  The coffee stays in the pot until it is gone.

My favorite coffees are Guatemala -- several locations -- and Ethiopia
Yirga Cheffe.  All of these are best slightly cool, all the way down to
room temperature two hours later.

Best regards,
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