[Homeroast] No first crack

Michael Smith mas139 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 2 14:09:05 CDT 2014

For the Group,

Being a newbie with the Behmore, I wonder if the members of the group would
be willing to share their protocols (settings, times of roasting etc) for
various kinds of coffee that taste the best to them.

Michael Smith

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> Subject: [Homeroast] No first crack
> I've noticed that although most beans do have an audible first (and second)
> crack, some are so quiet, I can't even hear them over the motor sound on my
> Behmor.  So, in addition to listening very carefully around the time I
> expect 1st crack, I also watch the seam side of the bean on those quiet
> coffees .  When the seam separates, and shows white, I consider the crack
> underway. 
> Some engineers I met bought a commercial roaster to run tests on a
> technology to remove VOC's from exhaust.  The drum on the roaster was
> closed, but we determined first crack involved a release of gases they were
> measuring.  In lieu of buying a sniffer of some kind, I wonder about trying
> to learn to "smell" first crack!
> Paul
>   1. India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peabody - no first crack
>       (Brian Kamnetz)
> In my most recent order of greens, as part of an 8-pound sampler pack, I
> received a pound of India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peabody. I roasted it
> yesterday. It seemed to be heating up pretty fast, so I moved the heat gun
> back a bit, aiming for increase of 10-20 degrees per minute. When I got into
> the high 300s I backed the heat gun off a bit more and kept very gradually
> increasing the temp of the bean mass. I usually hit first crack anywhere
> between 400 and 415 (as I measure the temp), usually ending the roast after
> 14-15 minutes. But I passed that temp yesterday with no first crack. I ended
> up a bit over 440 degrees and about 19 minutes, and never did hit first
> crack. Has anyone else roasted this coffee variety?
> I probably ended at around full city, though I didn't hear second crack (but
> my hearing isn't good and I might have missed some snaps). I don't usually
> roast this dark, and to my taste there is a bit of charred flavor.
> But, that said, the flavors are pleasant enough, and it probably will
> improve with a few days rest.
> Brian
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