[Homeroast] Bought some greens from another vendor

Randy randyr5 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 31 09:41:23 CDT 2014

I've been an SM customer for about 20 years, starting back when they 
were based in Ohio. I got an e-mail from another company selling green 
coffee, so I put in a small order (4 1lb. bags) just to see how it was.

2 of them were absolute dreck.  I had to cull so many beans out of one 
roast, it wasn't worth my time.  So 2 of them went right in the trash.  
The other 2 are OK, but not even close to the quality that SM offers.  I 
will probably wind up tossing them, too.

I just want to thank Tom and his crew for taking the time to offer the 
best greens available.  They truly are a cut above.  Never again will I 
stray from the pack.


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