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That's not a bad idea at all. I'll have to go back to using colanders for
cooling, so my fan doesn't blow all the spices away and cool too fast for
this, but that's no big deal. I think we'll approach it that way - add
spices while things are still hot, but out of the roasting vessel to
improve our odds of having everything come together without burning.

I do think spices need to be added to the beans while they're hot, because
for some reason, I think they'll stick better that way, and have a better
chance of the flavors from the spice mix diffusing in over time. There are
reasons that doesn't entirely make sense, but in my head it seems better
than adding spice to already cooled beans. I'm not hearing a bunch of
people saying they've tried this and it was awful, so I think we'll still
give it a go. (On the other hand, nobody has stepped up to say they've
tried it and it created a life changing cup of coffee either.)

My proposed steps:

1) roast to somewhere beyond 1st crack, trying to keep to a relatively
light roast.
2) transfer to colander
3) cool somewhat by transfer between two colanders (chaff removal here too,
if all goes well)
4)Transfer to a medium metal bowl
5) pour in the spice mix and
6) place the bowl inside another larger bowl containing iced water and stir
until cool.

That way, I'm still cooling relatively fast, and I won't be pouring my
spices all over the driveway through the holes in the colander.

For those of you concerned about flavored coffee and various nasties
therein, I think you're perhaps confused about what I'm up to here. We're
not talking adding flavor extracts to stale beans to sell, we're talking
about adding chai spices to half a pound of beans, to see how it'll taste,
and if that should be a semi-regular thing to do or not.  I don't even know
what spices we're using, or the ratios. That's something my friend has
figured out based on his experience mixing up his own chai (flavored coffee
has never been my thing).

I'm still pretty much expecting this to go into the "stuff that didn't
work" column, but it's a relatively low risk thing. Worst case, I wreck 8
oz of "not my favorite" beans, and learn something along the way.


On Sunday, October 26, 2014, Archeobob <archeobob at hotmail.com> wrote:

> John,
> ages ago I used to buy greens from a local roaster, he would only add
> flavorings post roast - too much chance of burning spices/flavorings when
> added to greens I suspect. You might try adding them while the beans are
> just cooled to 150F and then bag and shake,  might allow any flavors to
> incorporate into the beans with storage.
> Bob

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