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John Nordling john.nordling at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 14:25:18 CDT 2014

He's tried that before (adding spices while brewing), and is trying to
recapture something he bought a long time ago (i.e. chai flavored beans).
Sometimes the present can't measure up to the flavors of memory anyways, so
I don't have high hopes - even if this turns out amazing, it could still be

I'm not too worried about my roaster - it's a stovetop popcorn popper after
all.  I'll just wash it (it's way overdue for a good scrubbing anyways).
I'm more concerned about it flavoring up his grinder, more so than my
roaster, but he's aware of the risk.

I think roasting the spices rather than using them straight from the jar
(so to speak) is a decent idea.   Maybe that's normal for chai anyways.
We're getting into something that I haven't tried before.  My chili turns
out significantly better if I add the chili spices to my protein before
browning.  This seems like it has potential.  I have my doubts about
whether it's a good idea to do the spice roasting with the beans.

He forgot the spice mix at home yesterday when he came over for dinner, so
I don't know when we'll reschedule.  I'll let you know how this turns out.
Honestly, I have pretty low expectations.


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