[Homeroast] Espresso

Terry mrhomn at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 14:53:10 CDT 2014

Hello fellow home roasters,

I recently came across a bargain I could not pass up and now I am the happy owner of a quality espresso machine for home brewing.  I cannot believe I ever thought I did not need one of these.   This of course lead to several other required purchases including a burr grinder.  I cannot believe I ever thought I did not need a burr grinder.  I am having fun experimenting and pulling shots and tasting coffee with a new appreciation.  I was running low on beans so I went to Sweet Marias website to make my order.  As I was making my selections I saw beans recommended for espresso and those that are not.  I purchased both recommended and not recommended varieties and I plan to sample all of them as espresso, but I am wondering why some beans are not recommended.  Any advice or thoughts on what I should I expect with my experiments?  


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