[Homeroast] Behmor Roaster - Cleaning

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I wouldn't say "Simple Green" is benign.  Read some studies on the subject, such as this one done 22 year ago: http://isse.utk.edu/ccp/pubs/pdfs/HouseholdCleaners-wofigsandapps.pdf
"For instance, one highly advertised "green" cleaner contains glycol ethers and petroleum based surfactants and is packaged in a PVC bottle. Most of the "green" cleaners use surfactants that have petrochemical components (e.g. alcohol ethoxy sulfates, cocamide DEA), although most have shifted away from LAS. Some of the surfactants used are mild to skin and are commonly used in shampoos (e.g., cocamide DEA).

Some "green" cleaners use EDTA builders commonly used in more "mainstream" cleaners, while others have shifted to sodium citrate and sodium carbonate. None of the "green" cleaners were utilizing antimicrobials, and most were not using solvents such as glycol ethers or isopropanol. Instead of these solvents, some "green" manufacturers were using citrus oils, such as d-limonene, or pine oil."

Glycol ether is basically anti-freeze.  I wouldn't want that near my kitchen.  As for bleach, the only one that is safe is H2O2.


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Bleach is also an awful cleaner.  It's a great sanitizer, but for cleaning
purposes, it stinks (literally and figuratively).

I don't know what is best for roaster cleaning, but based on the ingredient
list in Simple Green (original formula All-Purpose cleaner), it's pretty
benign.  I'm not sure where you got your toxicity information, but with the
exception of ethoxylated alcohol and the chelator, everything in it is
commonly found as primary ingredients in food (citric acid and baking soda
are the only other ingredients listed - one is a main component of citrus
fruit, the other is baking soda).

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