[Homeroast] Cool beans too fast after roasting?

Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 00:04:09 CDT 2014

I read a lot of the coffee/roasting subreddits on reddit.com and recently
saw someone suggest that it's bad practice to quickly cool beans after
roasting and instead you want to target the cooling to take 3-4 minutes.

I asked him to elaborate and he said, "Our roasting control system was
designed by an SCAA award winning organic chemist. Referencing my
chicken-scratch class notes, it had something to do with interruption of
long-chain sucrose polymerization and cross-linking to other chemical
constituents. He specified cool to the touch in longer than 3 minutes and
less than 4 to maximize cup quality."

Can anyone else weigh in on this?


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