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The difference between winning and loosing when times get tough is an
attitude of do or die, no excuses. Payroll before I started cutting employee
hours I had to max out my last personal credit card with any headroom to
make payroll. I knew we couldn't continue without drastic measures. As their
hours got cut at first there were some grumbles. Grumbling soon stopped as
they saw friend after friend loose there jobs not just get hours cut during
the long grueling recession. I saw business after business close their doors
the couple years following the Fall of '09 Market crash. One place didn't
even give employees notice, showed up for work and found they'd just locked
up the night before and put an "out of business" sign on the door. One
bakery supplier we had a standing order I picked up multiple times a week. I
showed up an early Monday morning to pick up our order and they too had
simply put a sign on the door "out of business", didn't even bother to call
wholesale customers and let us know!

Oh and that do or die attitude did literally almost kill me. After three
years taking all of ONE day off averaging 100+ hours per week landed in the
ER literally on deaths door. BUT my Higher Power doesn't give me more than I
can handle, I and the business survived. After that episode I cut back to
60ish hour weeks and business had already started turning around. This year
I'm actually taking most of most weekends off AND all this year Bryan and I
are both actually getting paid for (some) the work we put in. And our main
Downtown location is busting at the seams, hence the 2nd Downtown twice as
large location in the process of opening. AND Debi and I are taking our
first vacation in over 7 years flying out December 31st for 11 days on the
Big Island.

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50% drop in business and you still met payroll every time?

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