[Homeroast] Coffee story from NPR

Frank Parth fparth at me.com
Thu Nov 20 22:46:47 CST 2014

As I write this I’m sitting in the business lounge of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul after a red eye flight from Johannesburg, South Africa.

In my humble opinion this is the best business lounge in the world. Multiple food stations, several chefs fixing various things throughout the day, high-end alcoholic beverages, library, pool table, entertainment area with a wall TV, and several coffee bars with baristas. 

The coffee bars offer American coffee, espresso and its variations, and Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee offered comes in no-sugar, medium-sugar, or high-sugar. So apparently it’s valid even with different levels of sugar. There’s no offer of milk with the Turkish coffee. 

Frank Parth

> On Nov 21, 2014, at 1:15 AM, Clark Barclay <pedestriancoffee at gmail.com> wrote:
> interesting... I just got back from a month in Turkey on a coffee tour,
> visiting traditional cafes and the new third wave ones in Istanbul, and was
> surprised to see that nearly all the people I sat with didn't put sugar in
> their coffee, and of course, never milk. Either there's a new health
> mentality or I'm with the wrong crowd. My girlfriend's mom is Turkish and
> drinks five Turkish style coffees a day, never with sugar.

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