[Homeroast] CoffeeCon 2014

Dennis Guyer adg22 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 11 14:35:34 CST 2014

My wife and I attended CoffeeCon this past Saturday in Hollywood.  I have to thank Mike McCoffe for alerting me to the event.  On one of his emails, he had a link to CoffeeCon and it is only a few miles from where we live.  We have never been to such an event before so had no idea what to expect.  Well, we had a great time.  Since I have been home roasting for over 4 years, some of the classes we attended were reviews of things we already knew.  But as usual, I picked up some tips that I will use in the future.

I was especially looking forward to meeting Joe Behm to look at his latest version of the Behmor 1600 and to see his new coffee brewer.  Both look very nice in person.  Joe is quite a guy.  I asked some questions about the new brewer and got some information about working on my older version of the 1600.  When I asked him why we were the two oldest people in the room, he told me he felt the future belonged to the younger generation.  He could be right.  Now if we could only get them not to cover themselves with tattoos!  

I also spoke to Ira, showing off his very hacked Behmor 1600.  Took a look at his new software, "RoasterThing”.  Also took his class "Introduction to Home Roasting". I was surprised at how full his class was.  There was a lot more interest in home roasting that I thought there would be.  He gave several glowing recommendations for Sweet Maria's for beans and supplies.

There was a lot of people there!  During the morning, you could hardly walk through the room to see the exhibits.  They gave away a lot of prizes.  We even got a CD produced by the promoter, Kevin Sinnott.  Also, received from Temple Coffee a 14 oz. bag of Panama Don Pepe Baby Geisha!  Looking forward to roasting it.  A smaller pack of Brazil from Groundwork Coffee was also handed out.  

A final thought.  Just two days after we attended the expo, a local TV program ran a story on the event site, Mack Sennett Studios.  I could tell it was a old studio and thought it would be used mostly for music videos.  Well, I found out it was one of the oldest movie studios in Hollywood!  They showed a crate from "Gone With The Wind".  The main hall was used for one of the last video shoots for Michael Jackson.  Wow!  If only the walls could talk!  CoffeeCon promises to return next year.  If they do, I will be attending again --- I had a great day!

Dennis in LA

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