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I've roasted a fair amount of Geisha varietal the past 15 years. Both with
Caffe Rosto which roasts very similar to an air popper (I had complete heat
& fan profile control) as well as CCR HotTop and full commercial drum. As
Tom recommends City to City+ AT MOST IMO. He said "even" at FC retained
"much" of the 'Geisha' profile. To me taking Geisha to FC would be a waste
of great coffee.

The last few years I've been roasted most Geisha a light City, actual finish
bean temp (mass) less than 20f higher than start of 1st. Most recently
dropping at 396f start of 1st ~380f. The HUGE key to a good light roast is
not blasting through first. With a fluid bed roast aka air popper I'd want
at least 2min start of 1st to end of roast. My USRC drum I go for 2:30. 

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To me, the best advise is to treat them like you would any other bean.  Use
a profile you are comfortable with.  As soon as you try and tweak your
profile (if you are not used to doing it) then your chances of failure sky
rocket.  Just roast it, ignore the price, and it will all be fine.

Aside from that, take it to to the level Tom recommends.  FC would be a safe
bet IMO.


At 12:07 PM 11/8/2014, you wrote:
>I'm using the West Bend AirPopper, and just got two pounds of SM's 
>Guatemala Acatenango Gesha. At $20/lbs, I can't afford to make too many
>Anyone have any advice on roasting these beans regarding time, amount, 
>temp, etc.?
>Looking forward to sipping this gold.
>- Clark
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