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I make espresso at home with my Andreja Premium (branded "La Cora"), but I spent years on the learning curve first with inexpensive Krups and Saeco pump machines and then a Rancilio Silvia and Pasquini Livia (which went blooey but the Silvia's still alive & well and my backup when La Cora's in the shop for her annual tune-up).  I have a Nespresso capsule machine for when I want 'spro quickly (30 sec. from "on" to brewed shot) without the 20-minute warmup wait or electric energy expenditure of the bigger machines; and on the road, I now carry a mini-Ibis kettle, Handpresso (Wild & kettle for the room, & Auto plus a water bottle for the car) and ESE pods--not as good as homeroast/ground, but better and cheaper than Starbucks. Nice to be able to enjoy a real shot at a freeway rest area or first thing in the morning in a motel room. Used to carry kettle, beans, a hand grinder, and a press (Aero or combo French travel mug) but the cleanup was messy and the grinding longer and tougher than pumping the Handpresso Wild up to pressure while the kettle boils.  I use little durable polycarbonate espresso cups--they look like those limited edition glass Illys from a few years back.

We have a Keurig for everyone else in the family who wants their coffee NOW. Me, I use the Clever since I'm into the ritual. For brewed coffee by the pot, I still have my Technivorm which I haul out for company. (Takes less time to brew a 4-mug pot than to brew 4 K-Cups).
On Nov 7, 2014, at 1:20 PM, John Nordling <john.nordling at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't know, but I think it partly boils down to preference.  I like the
> clever better than my single cup pour-over, probably because it's closer to
> French Press than drip.
> However, I think I like my Chemex best of all the brewing methods I've
> used.   Don't know why.  It's a clean cup, that might be part of it.
> French press is right in there for a quality brew too, though I'm not that
> fond of chewing the last couple swallows from my cup, so I tend to only use
> my press when I'm camping.
> I've never had vacuum brewer coffee made by someone who really knows how to
> do it.  I bought one, and tried that method for months, but never
> (consistently) got something I really loved out of it (I had a constant
> struggle with pulling the coffee back down through the filter fast enough -
> I have improved my chaff removal process since then, and I should probably
> revisit the method to see if it goes better now).  I do love the process of
> that method, but it was too hard for me to get consistency (or rather
> consistently good).
> I used to have a Cuisinart drip machine (still do, but it's been in the
> garage unused for a year or two).  I suspect it ran on the cold side, but
> it made better coffee than most of the lower budget drip machines out
> there.  I didn't know about Technivorm or Behmor at the time, but if I ever
> buy another electric brewer, I'll probably spring for the Technivorm.
> The joy of espresso brewing still eludes me.  I've had great espresso (and
> it was amazing), but I haven't the time or resources to put into it for
> myself.  Maybe someday I'll pull the pin and get something besides my
> little stovetop Ikea espresso pot.
> -John
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> On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 1:06 PM, Sandy Andina <sandraandina at me.com> wrote:
>> Speaking of Clever (my version's a Hario from Whole Foods), why does
>> pour-over drip made that way taste SOOO much better than made from a
>> single-cup Melitta, all other things being equal: pour technique, beans,
>> freshness, grind, water, filters (whether I use Hario, Melitta or generic
>> #2)? Is it the bigger open hole at the bottom, the slanted striations, or
>> rationalization (i.e., reinforcing and justifying my decision to buy the
>> thing)?
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