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A Clever would save a step. What I got Debi to use at work, replaced French
Press. Not only saves a step but easier clean up.

At "work" (da Roastery) I have a "few" brew options: La Marzocco Linea,
Aeropress, Chemex, v60 (#1 & #2), Clever (Swissgold filter for french press
style or Filtropa clean cup filtered), Beehouse, Ibrik, Balance Vacuum
Brewer, couple dozen 6oz Rock Glasses (used for cuppings). Grinder choices?
Macap M7D, Mazzer Major & Super Jolly, Bunn HD2, Mahlkonig EK43 (da Bad
Boy), Hario Skerton & Slim...BbbWWwwAAaaaaa! 

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i fill a 16 oz measuring cup to the top mark with filtered water and zap it
in the microwave until I get the desired temperature, then I dump freshly
ground coffee right into the cup and do a french press-style steep for 5
minutes. Once it's done with that step, I pour it through a #4 filter cone
to remove the grounds and right into my cup.

It tastes great, there's no grit in my cup and it's supremely simple and
easy to clean. I determined the ideal zap time by checking with a food
thermometer every 30 seconds or so. My total time from beginning to end is
10 minutes including cleanup.

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