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Have a nuker at work to bring the water fully up to brew temp?

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I have a brewing problem.

Our coffee at work is worse than abysmal, so even though it's free, I bring
my homeroast and keep a Clever Coffee Brewer at my desk.

The problem (and I think part of the reason the provided coffee is so bad)
is that the Bunn brewer here doesn't get the water hot enough enough.  (My
guess is it hits around 180F, but that's just a guess).  I pull hot water
from its tap for my own purposes, and the coffee I make for myself here is
not nearly as good as when I make it at home doing everything the same,
except I use a teapot of nearly boiling water.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the coffee better?  I'm not
allowed to bring in an electric kettle, or I'd have done that a long time


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