[Homeroast] cool water

sallsup sallsup at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 10:45:16 CST 2014

Off the top of my head, free-form stream of consciousness:

My first thought is - could you get away with one of those submersible
heaters that goes inside the mug?

Second thought - Microwave.  Do you have access to a microwave in the
break room?  I've found a 16oz heavy pyrex-style measuring cup works
great for making coffee that way.  Bonus in that it has a spout which
makes pouring the brewed coffee into the filter a lot easier, and they
are very simple to clean. (I've used the abrasive side of a
scraper-sponge to rough up the lining a bit and prevent the
super-heated-splash-out problem)

Third thought - Check out the temperature of the Bunn for real with an
instaread, infrared, or something like a Thermapen (those ROCK).  If
it's not heating properly, any chance it's still under warranty, or is
it provided by a service company that you can pressure to swap it out?

Fourth thought - this wasn't what the client intended when they
challenged me to be an Agent of Change, but I had a contract at a
place with hideous old brewer that didn't top 175F.  People hated the
breakroom coffee, and I was getting requests to brew entire pots at my
desk - they'd pay me back.  Instead I organized a collection to just
replace the danged Bunn, it was about $100.  Still didn't get above
200F, but it was worlds better than the older one and the coworkers
were happy.  I still brewed at my desk in a press, and provided a
pound for the breakroom every couple of days.


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