[Homeroast] New Website - ARGH - really dislike it.

Wendy Peck wpeck at wpeck.com
Fri May 30 10:21:38 CDT 2014

Please do! I agree 100% with this one. I've lost really good coffee that was 
in my cart (stock ran out while I waited), too nervous to shut down the 
possibility that something better is coming.

Note: I am in Canada, and drive to cross the border and pick my coffee up at 
a US holding business, so I have to make sure I have 20# to make the trip 


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From: "Seth Grandeau" <grandeau at gmail.com>
>My only suggestion would be to have a
section for "coming soon" coffees.  I always have purchase anxiety, that
I'll place my offer, and a few days later a new version of IMV will show up
(and it happened this time!).

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