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Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
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Somewhat off-topic, but in reference to Win 8.1, I'm not a "touchy" kind of guy, I'm a developer with an overclocked monster & 2 24"
monitors, I don't do mobile or anything with "cloud" in it. I don't consider myself a Luddite, just someone who doesn't like
fingerprints on my screens and want control over my content. 

But they have resolved most of the pains for us "desktop" kind of guys in 8.1. You can set it to log into the desktop skipping the
Start screen (this is in the Taskbar options), and we now have easy access to all program executables by clicking the down arrow in
the Start screen lower left.

You can simply add a shortcut  to the base Start screen (right-click / Pin to Start), which can be customized to show only what you
want in groups you determine. If you want you can right-click / Open File Location on the Start screen program shortcut. This opens
Explorer at the shortcut's folder and you can now copy the shortcut to the desktop or wherever. 

I just remove the clutter I don't need from the Start screen and add whatever shortcuts I need from the "down arrow" section. I also
use something called True Launch Bar, but that's another story.

Sorry for the off-topic, but hope this helps some of you.

A request to users when responding to the combined list rather than individual messages - please remove whole list message from your
response's original message at the bottom as it really clutters up the list making it hard to follow. Just copy the message you're
responding to. It's a bit of a pain but greatly appreciated. It's what I do.


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Luddites Unite!

I'm right with ya on the format comments. I was weirded-out by the new
page, but I'm no lover of Win 8.1 touchiness either.

In any case, if it takes several more visits to get my neurale synapsis'
re-wired, I'm on it because it's (1) the coffee and especially (2) the
people at SM's that make this more than just another routine Amazon

Bill Kendall

(Roast #413 on my Behmor 1600 and counting...)

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