[Homeroast] New Website - ARGH - really dislike it.

Wendy Peck wpeck at wpeck.com
Fri May 23 16:33:31 CDT 2014

HI all,

I have been shopping at Maria's since 2007, so the visual change was a bit 
disconcerting, but I think they have answered many of the complaints I had 
from the previous site. I especially like being able to pull up the dry 
process coffees so easily. Invariably, my favourites have always been this 

As a testimonial: I had 20 lbs of coffee either in my saved, or cart (can't 
remember) last night, and when I went there today, both the saved and the 
cart were empty. I groaned, thining it would take forever to remember what I 
had and get them back in. It was the opposite. Before long I had the cart 
filled and ordered. I am positive it took me less time than the old site 
would have.

It would be handy to have the options on the listing page where the Add to 
Cart button is. Once I have browsed through what is available, it would be 
mighty quick to fill up the cart.

Well done, in my opinion.


> But OMG!!!!  What has Tom done?  That is horrid.

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