[Homeroast] New Website - ARGH - really dislike it.

Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
Sat May 24 12:27:42 CDT 2014

My 2 cents: 

- I don't do mobile but see the necessity.

- The list itself seems fine to me.

- I would rather not have the two tabs in the detail, do they really help? Small screens can scroll rather than click a tab, and
scrolling doesn't usually require selecting a spot on the screen.

- The characteristic distribution graph selector (?) should be on the main detail space - it's small and it's data, unlike the
pretty pictures :-). It can still be shown on the same full-size space as the pretty pictures.

These would reduce the clicking and moving around required to check the important facts.

OK, removing my software developer hat and going back to coffee drinker :-) 

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But OMG!!!!  What has Tom done?  That is horrid.

Tom - PLEASE.  Put it back as it was.  One of the things I adored was 
being able to see it all, and just pick the amount I wanted.  Now we 
have to navigate in to each bean, then pick a quantity.

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