[Homeroast] unable to place order via SM shopping cart system (OT?)

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Thu May 22 23:07:57 CDT 2014


Here is another thought.  FF just did a required, non-consentual 
upgrade to 29.  I utterly hate it and have since discovered 
IceDragon...a rift off of the FF open source code, but way less 
buggy.  Maybe look into that.  I love it and had been with FF for 
since version 9.0.  Maybe that will fix it without having to go Chrome.

If not BTW, have you deleted your SM cookies.  They might have become 
corrupted and hence the odd behavior....although admittedly I tend to 
hate that suggestion.


At 02:54 PM 5/22/2014, you wrote:
>Thanks to all who responded.
>John Nanci: I am in the USA (Tennessee), and yes, I have tried 
>"Checking Out". Same problem. I can log in but can't check out or 
>get shipping estimate.
>No script blocker.
>I did contact SM directly, the suggestion was to make sure my 
>browser was accepting cookies. It is.
>Josh Schwartz : I have re-enabled Java and still no go.
>I have downloaded and installed latest version of Java (7.0.550.13) 
>and still no go.
>Deleted old version (6) and still no go.
>Quit and reloaded FF after all the above and still no go.
>Bob Hazen : Thanks for the info and suggestion. Chrome was my backup 
>plan, although I'm not comfortable with all things Google. But I'd 
>only use it to order from SM.
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