[Homeroast] unable to place order via SM shopping cart system (OT?)

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Mon May 19 19:58:18 CDT 2014

I have used Firefox for a number of years. Sometimes, and this is happening
more frequently, certain websites simply don't function well.  At time, the
problem is subtle other times the site just won't work.  It becomes quite
clear when I go to another browser and things are fine.  Firefox can behave
badly even if I disable all of my plug-ins.  I have no idea what's making it
cranky, but it certainly does have bad days.

I suggest you try Chrome. Whenever I have trouble with Firefox, that's where
I go.


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Hi All, 

Need a bit of help here. 

Since November of last year, I have been unable to place an order using SM's
shopping cart, which is what I had been doing for many years. 
I've had to, as a fallback, use their secure online order form which because
it's not "real time" and has inherent delays, results in "out of stock"
notifications from SM. 

What happens is this: I select my coffees, enter my country, state and zip
code in the shipping estimate box and when I hit the "get estimate" button-
nothing happens. 
I am using Firefox v29.0.1 with windows XP. And the browser IS set to accept
cookies and my pop-up blocker is disabled on SM's website. I have spent
hours troubleshooting and going through menus and settings, and cannot find
the trouble. 
Yesterday I had the bright idea of trying IE (read "trainwreck"), which I
never ever use, and IE had no such problem. Not exactly a solution. But at
least now I know the problem has crept into Firefox somehow. 

Do any of you talented and knowledgeable computer people know what I might
FWIW, I have JAVA disabled (bad coffee karma?) if that has anything to do
with the problem. 


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