[Homeroast] building a propane drum roaster

John Nordling john.nordling at gmail.com
Tue May 6 06:26:39 CDT 2014

I'm starting to think about building myself a drum roaster.  My preliminary
plan is to get ahold of a propane grill, and then use a rotisserie motor to
drive the drum.  The upside of this is that many grills come already
engineered for this sort of drive setup, so it shouldn't be terribly hard
to adapt the grill to this use.

I'll need to either build or buy a drum.  I have an old friend who is a
retired welder, and I think he and I could adapt something to make a
serviceable drum (a couple metal colanders with some fins welded or bolted
in might do the job - otherwise, there must be internet sources for this
sort of thing).

Any tips, ideas or "watch outs" that I should be aware of?  I'm sure this
has been done before, so "standing on the shoulders of giants" would
certainly apply here.

thanks in advance,

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