[Homeroast] Safety of Freshroast SR 500

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Sat May 3 08:41:57 CDT 2014

Have just discovered a risk-of-fire aspect of my dear Freshroast,
which at low cost gives my small household about the same degree of
control over the roasting process that you well-off Questers brag
about.  Once adjusted for a particular bean, the whole process is

The On-Off Switch on mine does not revert to "Off" when the "Cool"
schedule is complete and the fan stops, as do most electrical devices
when an automatic timing feature kicks in.  At that point, my
Fresh-Roast duly turns itself off, but the switch remains on.  If the
device remains plugged in to the power socket, and main power goes off
and then comes back on (as recently happened during a thunderstorm),
the roasting process starts from the beginning ! !    Had the roaster
not been emptied before this happened, all that flammable chaff would
likely have burst into flame.

Ergo, safety demands that my FreshRoast be unplugged when a roast is
complete.  Perhaps that sounds like elementary caution that I should
have been practicing. but wasn't.  Fresh Roasters, beware.

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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