[Homeroast] Greens & Roasting in Italy

Kristoffer Johansson leftism at gmx.com
Thu May 1 13:22:17 CDT 2014

It think it will be pretty easy for you to get green in Italy since 
there are pretty many shops in EU that sell green beans. I have yet to 
find an extensive shop as sweetmarias though, except hasbean, but they 
are a bit pricey, rohkaffeebohnen.de and goodkarmacoffee.de will 
probably ship to Italy. There are some more shops , tell me if you wan't 
the link to them aswell.

On 2014-04-14 22:49, Tim TenClay wrote:
> Good day all!
> We're planning a move to Naples, Italy... if all goes well, late this
> summer.
> That means, of course, that I'm getting rid of my beloved HotTop and
> espresso machine (we're severely limited by both space and weight so taking
> them along isn't an option) .  An espresso machine will be easy enough to
> get my hands on when we get there, but I'm wondering about roasting.  Does
> anyone know how hard/easy it is to get greens?  A roaster?  etc.
> Any thoughts (or even contacts!) would be appreciated.
> Grace and peace,
>    `tim

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