[Homeroast] Stupid Noob question - when does first crack start?

Ryschkewitsch, Mike (HQ-KA000) mgrysch at verizon.net
Fri Mar 28 07:19:36 CDT 2014

I am using a Behmor 1600 and usually roasting batches of around 350g using the 1 lb setting, mostly using profiles P2 or P3 and without the ABCD programs.   I am not sure After reading some posts in the forum I decided to try some Central and South American on P2, C with a 90 sec pre-heat to slow the heating rate during first crack and modify the flavor profiles.  This usually means starting the cool cycle with 1-4 minutes left and before the roaster has returned to the highest heat setting.  My most tasty roasts have been those not quite reaching second crack or with just a few seconds of second crack but that makes it imperative to consistently time from the start of first crack.  For consistency and using the Behmor Rosetta, I have been defining the start of first crack as the first time a get cracks close together, 2 or 3 pops within about 5 secs and ignoring the random early pops.  This worked well on the hotter profiles with only a 10 second or so gap between the two and proceeding into the very rapid portion of first crack.  On the cooler profiles,  the progression can be very slow, making it hear to use this as  benchmark.  The results have been good but a little less consistent than I and hoped.

Any advice out there for how to get better consistency?


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