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Thu Mar 13 09:53:39 CDT 2014

Hi Greg:

I just posted this to an earlier post about light v. dark.

>>>as a home roaster, a roasting forum administrator, and espresso/cafe
crema lover I believe that any roast you like is what you should use/brew
for your espresso.

it, for me, clearly depends on the bean. what brings out the best or your
wanted flavor from that bean? it could be a lighter roast. I use every bean
I roast as an espresso/cafe crema and I drink great espresso.

whatever "the roast of the moment" is for coffee hustlers/charbucks etc I
simply consider ho hum, who cares.

I drink the best of what coffee is grown worldwide and roast to my taste. I
never roast way into 2nd crack any longer, not necessary to bring up the
best of a bean, in my opinion.<<<

let us know,


On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Leo Nankervis
<Leo.Nankervis at skretting.com>wrote:

> Hi. First post here, so please let me know if I am not doing it correctly.
> I live in Norway and got into Tim Wendelboe's espresso in a big way before
> moving to roasting my own. I know from his book and other releases that he
> is really into brightness and avoids bitterness at all cost, which relates
> well to the light roasts. Some of his Kenyan espresso roasts I found a bit
> too bright for espresso, but I always loved them in a cortado. I have tried
> to roast Kenyan beans to a similar level, but have not been so happy with
> the results. I found them a bit plain and one-dimensional in comparison.
> Here is a link to a Nordic Roasters workshop, including a presentation
> from Tim Wendelboe.
> http://nordicbaristacup.com/2012/10/nordic-roasting-philosophies/
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