[Homeroast] Light vs. dark espresso roasts.

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Wed Mar 12 21:40:44 CDT 2014

Brother John,

There is truth in your words. Coffee has seen its light and dark days come
and go. What is around the corner is a happy medium roast. I am a coffee
pro and home roaster that has seen the trends dictate roasters far and

Another reason to roast the oils out is to creat consistency. It's so much
easier to maintain a consistant cup when you take it to the limit.

You can BBQ the bejesus out of old rotting  meat an serve it to those who
will eat it.

Hey, I like both. Just like I having options between pilsner, IPA and

Rock on brother John!

On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, John M. Howison <johnmhowison at gmail.com>

> To an elderly home roaster who makes coffee in 190-degree water rather
> than an espresso device,  the recent posts in favor of lighter
> espresso roasts has been interesting.  Having been a coffee enthusiast
> long before espresso machines were at hand, I firmly believe that dark
> roasts have been tolerated unduly because over-roasting suppresses
> faults, and despite the necessary  diadvantage of suppressing virtues
> at the same time.  Way back when travelers to Europe were extolling
> Viennese coffee rather than Roman -- when Viennese roasters paid
> higher prices than anyone else for premium beans -- ideal roasts
> tended to hover in the "no oiliness" neighborhood.  Are we now
> rediscovering what some folks knew a long time ago?
> --
> Contra muros, mater rubicolla
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