[Homeroast] Light vs. dark espresso roasts.

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In my opinion you are entirely correct.  I recall a day when the "Major
Seattle Roaster" was just getting started.  Their coffees were nicely done
and the varietal character came out in each of the coffees.  They have since
grown to behemoth class and are roasting so dark that the various beans all
taste nearly the same to me.  I believe because of their size they cannot
purchase small amounts of top tier beans and still meet demand.  I suspect
they roast dark to mask undesirable flavors and to achieve "consistency"
albeit mediocre quality for their customers.  I haven't had a cup of their
coffee for a long, long time.  

I have tended to roast just to or into 2nd crack, but recently I'm going
lighter and aiming to just finish 1st.  It's been pleasant.  I do find that
a hotter quicker roast suites my taste when roasting lighter.  If I go too
slowly, the nuances seem to disappear.


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To an elderly home roaster who makes coffee in 190-degree water rather than
an espresso device,  the recent posts in favor of lighter espresso roasts
has been interesting.  Having been a coffee enthusiast long before espresso
machines were at hand, I firmly believe that dark roasts have been tolerated
unduly because over-roasting suppresses faults, and despite the necessary
diadvantage of suppressing virtues at the same time.  Way back when
travelers to Europe were extolling Viennese coffee rather than Roman -- when
Viennese roasters paid higher prices than anyone else for premium beans --
ideal roasts tended to hover in the "no oiliness" neighborhood.  Are we now
rediscovering what some folks knew a long time ago?

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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