[Homeroast] Light roasted espresso

Leo Nankervis Leo.Nankervis at skretting.com
Mon Mar 10 03:17:06 CDT 2014

Hi. First post here, so please let me know if I am not doing it correctly. 

I live in Norway and got into Tim Wendelboe's espresso in a big way before moving to roasting my own. I know from his book and other releases that he is really into brightness and avoids bitterness at all cost, which relates well to the light roasts. Some of his Kenyan espresso roasts I found a bit too bright for espresso, but I always loved them in a cortado. I have tried to roast Kenyan beans to a similar level, but have not been so happy with the results. I found them a bit plain and one-dimensional in comparison.

Here is a link to a Nordic Roasters workshop, including a presentation from Tim Wendelboe.  


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