[Homeroast] Light roasted espresso

Greg greg at gregrothschild.com
Sat Mar 8 16:33:40 CST 2014

Hi all,
First post to the list here. In the spirit of this thread I just roasted 
a pound of Columbia Pedregal Agua Blanca microlot to just about C+. 
Dumped the beans 2:45 after the first first crack (bean temp was 415F). 
I always roast for espresso nowadays and this is the first time I 
dropped the beans with less than a 3:15 stretch so this may be a real 
eye opener. Lately I've been doing 3:30-4 minutes stretches and haven't 
gone to second crack in quite a while. Thanks for the inspiration.


On 3/8/2014 10:46 AM, Dhananjaya wrote:
> I also like my espresso light, usually around City+ - no 2nd crack and no oils. When recommended by SM I may go a bit darker, maybe
> the very beginning of 2nd. I use a Quest M3 and do 300gm loads, currently loading @ 150c / 10 amps. down to 8.5 amps after 3/4
> minutes. Fan is half-way, I may do 3 minutes @ 0 fan when I hit the 8.5 amps.
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> In an effort to get some chatter back on the list - here is a topic I've been on lately..
> I had the good fortune to visit Tim Wendelboe's shop in Oslo, Norway (I was there for work and had some free time).
> They had two different espressos, both were single origin, (one from Kenya, one from Colombia) and both were roasted very lightly,
> probably no darker than City+.  The beans were still quite mottled.  They were, hands down, the best shots of espresso I've had, and
> the Kenya was just full of fruit and very sweet.  Now I've become obsessed with roasting lighter for espresso, but I'm struggling
> with how to not get the grassy taste that can come with lighter roasts.
> So far, I've been trying to drop the beans in at a higher temperature in my HotTop and going for a faster time to 1st Crack, then
> trying to go slowly from the start of 1st until finish.  I did get a phenomenal batch of Kenya SO espresso this way, and the two
> Workshop blends I have are pretty good this way, but sometimes a little grassy.
> Has anyone else been trying very lightly roasted espresso?
> Thanks,
> --mike
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