[Homeroast] Light roasted espresso

Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 13:11:35 CST 2014

In an effort to get some chatter back on the list - here is a topic I've
been on lately..

I had the good fortune to visit Tim Wendelboe's shop in Oslo, Norway (I was
there for work and had some free time).

They had two different espressos, both were single origin, (one from Kenya,
one from Colombia) and both were roasted very lightly, probably no darker
than City+.  The beans were still quite mottled.  They were, hands down,
the best shots of espresso I've had, and the Kenya was just full of fruit
and very sweet.  Now I've become obsessed with roasting lighter for
espresso, but I'm struggling with how to not get the grassy taste that can
come with lighter roasts.

So far, I've been trying to drop the beans in at a higher temperature in my
HotTop and going for a faster time to 1st Crack, then trying to go slowly
from the start of 1st until finish.  I did get a phenomenal batch of Kenya
SO espresso this way, and the two Workshop blends I have are pretty good
this way, but sometimes a little grassy.

Has anyone else been trying very lightly roasted espresso?



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