[Homeroast] Reflections on Roasting Fundamentals

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Sorry but those temps don't quite sense for bean mass. 205c drop = 401f
which is just beginning of first. Are your beans rather light brown and
surface crinkly with prominent chaff line in crease on drop?

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This is a great dialouge.  I've been trying to figure out.  I have been
using the Quest for about 4 months and I'm starting to get a better
understanding of a roast curve.  Using a thermacouple I track the
temperature every minute.  I have not been able to extend the time between
the first and second so I liked the recommendation to back off the power
prior to first crack.  My first crack has been pretty predictable.  I wonder
if someone could comment on my roast curve and temps.  My beans have been
Kenyans and Guatemalans.  Leading up to first crack, the temperature
inside is rising 8 or 9 degrees celsius per minute.    My first crack has
been hitting around 9 minutes at 190 to 192 degrees celsius.  That is when I
turn down the heart and turn up the fan.  (i will change that now)  I have
been ending the roast around 2 minutes later before second crack at a
temperature of around 205.  This is right before second crack.  My question
is:  what does the temperature ramp look like leading into first crack and
prior to second crack if you are trying to extend the time to almost 3
minutes.  Do I need to get to 200 at the very least.  How much higher.
 What would a stall look like.  Would it stop at 192 and not really
increase.  Any comments would be appreciated.


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