[Homeroast] Reflections on Roasting Fundamentals

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Sat Jun 28 08:39:56 CDT 2014

The time scale on those graphs!? I wish he provided a little more
information because it is really messing with me.
It makes it look like bean drop to first snap is equal to first snap to end
of roast.... That can't be right, can it? That's either a short intro or a
long first to second.

In my RK with 3.5# batches I try to keep 'drop to snap' around 12 to 14
minutes, and 'first snap to end of roast' to 3 minutes.
But, my lighter roast attempts are hit and miss, I'd like to know what I
should do different to have a lighter roast without it being grassy.
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> Link to 2005 Roast Magazine article reprint by Willem Boot. FYI you can
> read
> a lot of Roast Magazine online without subscribing. (I have subscribed for
> years since before turning professional 7 years ago so can read it all in
> paper and online)
> http://bootcoffee.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Ruling3_reprint_M
> ay05.pdf
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