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Great to hear a by the seat of the pants stove top whirly pop getting great
results Dave! If I was roasting with Rosto would drop heater power right as
1st just starting too. I could change ramp rates Rosto roasting on a dime
and get 9c change. However different roasters behave very differently and
also differently depending on batch size. USRC with full load carries quite
of bit of "roast energy" momentum and hence dropping flame a full minute and
a half before anticipated start of 1st. Didn't mention the changes in air
flow also made as approaching 1st and then again after 1st has been going
about a minute  then again about 30 seconds before anticipated EOR... It
takes controlling both air flow and flame to effectively change ramp rates.
It CAN be a bear changing ramp rates in any meaningful time frame on a
commercial drum roaster let me tell you! Steep learning curve. After going
on 7 years and many tons at ~7lb a batch roasted starting to get the hang of
it. :-) The cool thing is once I've got a good handle on the profile it'll
automatically do it over and over without me baby sitting it every second of
every roast! The $4k for the profile controller on this little 3k USRC best
"bite the $ bullet" spent when I started the professional leg of my roasting

THE huge reason for getting some time after start of 1st is sweetness. Too
fast to finish and all you get is out of balance over the top
brightness...oft times on the harsh side. Of course too slow and end up

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I roast by feel in a whirly pop on the stove. This sounds really close to
how I did a pound of these beans, except I turned the heat down as 1st was
What a great cup! awesome berries, and sweet as anything.


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On Jun 26, 2014 11:12 AM, "miKe mcKoffee" <mckona at comcast.net> wrote:
> Just roasted another Aricha batch (post roast 6lb). 14:28 total time, 
> 2:23 start of 1st to EOR. One key with my USRC profile is reducing 
> flame from 100% to 55% about 1:30 BEFORE anticipated start of 1st.

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